Manufacturing and sales of RFId/NFC tags and labels

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About us

30 years of experience in the industrial production and a great passion for RFId technologies

Wintag is a division of Astraplast S.r.l. born in 1990 as a manufacturer of industrial technical components in thermoplastic material. Over the years we have consolidated a long experience in the design and processing of plastics, as suppliers of important Italian industrial groups in the automotive, electrical and mechanical sectors.

In Italy We have a modern factory with high-tech production systems. Wintag is the Astraplast division that has been operating in RFId technologies since 2007.

Esterni stabilimento Astraplast

We love challenges and we are always looking for new projects and new products

In addition to standard products, we offer our expertise in the development and production of special or customized transponders.

Our technical team is able to:

  • designing new products,
  • create functional prototypes quickly
  • prepare and start industrial production.

We offer a complete 360-degree service, from the idea to the final product

Running to the future

Our mission

We believe in the advantages of RFId technology

We strongly believe that this technology can offer companies numerous advantages in terms of both efficiency and cost reduction .

We invest our best resources

We want to accompany the growth of these innovative technologies, investing our best resources in the development of products and new services .

We want to be your trusted partner

Our goal is to be an important and reliable technological partner for all Italian and European companies .